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Life in Lockdown

Ah friends! What is going on in the world right now eh? It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong hasn’t it. I’ve been hiding and hibernating in my house along with the rest of the nation and so I haven’t been thinking much about travel. 

I’m sure by this point there are things we’ve all missed out on, lots of things no doubt. For me, I’ve missed a couple of trips and holidays. A weekend break to Paris over the May bank holiday although that was already cancelled from when Flybe went bust. We had a family week away to Chester booked over the Easter half term which had to be cancelled. I was looking forward to that one, I’ve never been to Chester and we were talking about driving up to Liverpool for a day out as part of it. Sophia and I missed out on our Disney on Ice girls day trip we had planned to Cardiff and Rich is meant to be away to Spain right now on a boys golf weekend. All of which we’ve thankfully had refunds for.

Of course, it is what it is and it’s a small thing in comparison to what is going on at the moment. Looking forward, it seems our family holiday to Rhodes will be cancelled at the end of June also. So instead I’ve just been watching some old travel vlogs and a lot of T.V.! If you fancy a dose of travel inspiration you can see which travel vloggers I watch on the RESOURCES page.

Rich has been working so it doesn’t feel like my life has been all that different as lame as that sounds, except no school runs (yay!). We’ve done the equivalent of a whole summer with no day trips at all which to be fair, is very unusual for us. Normally we go somewhere most weekends, a national trust place or a visit to Bristol to the zoo or the ship. Throughout the week during the summer holidays while Rich is in work I would usually take the kids out somewhere at least twice a week, Penarth pier or again, a national trust place (God bless the national trust). That could be the most middle class thing I’ve ever said but I stand by it. But if we imagine every week of the last 8 has been an average working week then it doesn’t feel much different to normal for me. 

Things I have been doing since the lockdown:

  • Avoiding the news in the main
  • Reading 
  • Writing – prompts from a book about writing and entering monolgue comps on Twitter
  • Running 

Things I have been doing differently since the lockdown:

  • Wearing clothes from the back of my wardrobe that I like but would never wear in public
  • Taking care of our new guinea pigs
  • Watching vlogs about how to care for guinea pigs (ask me anything guinea pig related) 
  • Video calling my friends once a week. This has kept me going some weeks to be honest and it’s nice to catch up with them weekly, usually I’d see them about once a month. 
  • Drinking a lot of gin. First time we’ve actually made a dent (well me, solely) into our alcohol cupboard. 
  • Homeschooling. It’s very different to the homeschooling I did before. This is more like completing the tick boxes so I feel like my kids aren’t behind their peers. Homeschooling is more relaxed and enjoyable for both parties. 
  • Exploring my local area more through running and walking. 

There have been times when I have felt that I should be using this time more wisely, I should be planning future trips and researching places to visit but I have found it difficult to think past the current moment. I gave myself a therapy session and came to the realisation that it’s my mind’s way of taking care of myself. Sort of like a protective barrier, just to think about now or the very next thing, like lunch. So that’s what I’ve done. 

I hope you’re going easy on yourself too, and are safe and well. 

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