Dream Plan Explore: A Family Travel Blog

Dream Plan Explore is a family travel blog. I’m Kate, wife to Rich and mum of our two children aged 10 & 4. Would my friends describe me as an avid traveller? No. But would I say I’m quite well travelled? Well no. But I am really good at day-dreaming about travel, in fact it’s my favourite hobby along with blogging. Trawling the skyscanner and air bnb websites is my idea of relaxation and I’m really good at planning. The exploration is the best part. Children are natural born explorers so travelling with a young family is more fun than people think (once you get over what people think). 

Yurt Free Zone

You won’t find us staying in a yurt village BBQ-ing goat meat over an open fire but still, I do gain a great deal of self value in sharing new experiences with my kids. Taking them on holiday makes me feel like I’m being a good mum, basically.

I love showing them new countries and the different ways people live while learning alongside them. Whether that’s ordering a warm croissant in a boulangerie in Paris by prodding enthusiastically at the sneeze guard glass or something as uncultured as meeting Daisy and Goofy for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. Not all my posts will be about food I promise. I’m just hungry while I’m writing this. 

Day Dreamin’

I’ve always been a bit of a day-dreamer and 99% of those day-dreams are about travel. Places I’ve never seen and places I long to visit. So Dream Plan Explore is a place for me to write them down, store ideas for later planning, and share our family travel memories too. 

Under the Dream tab you will find fantasy posts about all the places I haven’t been to but have heard about and been thinking about since. Like Rio de Janeiro (thanks Pixar). 


The Plan tab will be full of city break itineraries for city breaks with kids plus mini break ideas and tips for travelling with kids. We’ve been to Walt Disney World Florida as a family twice and have another trip booked for 2021 so you will find Disney planning posts under the plan tab too. I’ll include a post about flying long haul with young children because I know a lot of parents feel the doom about it. 

Explore is the best part, here you can find posts about all the fun things we’ve done and the places we’ve been. You can look at the pics to see what it’s really like because my photos are very much ‘mum on holiday’ and not so much ‘I carried a big lens around with me all day that I know how to work properly’.

Yes I will be letting you know if they have a kids menu and if it has chicken nuggets on it. I wish my kids didn’t eat chicken nuggets but they do so let’s just be kind. I’ll give an idea of how easy it is to be there with children in general (Bristol airport I’m side-eyeing you as one of the few U.K. airports without a children’s play area). Also under the Explore tab will be posts about our days out in South Wales and Bristol to give you some ideas of places to visit with your family. 

Been There, Done That.

Last year was a good year for visiting new places. I did 2 mum’s only weekends away with friends without any of our children. Which was a Christmas miracle in itself, friends. One to Venice which was jaw-droppingly stunning and one to Dublin. Although I got blind drunk in Dublin so didn’t see much of it. All the more reason to go back. I did a couple of nights easy-jetting to Newcastle with my daughter to visit my friend. We went to center parcs for a long weekend in summer. Our big family holiday was to Walt Disney World Florida in October which I planned for 18 months prior. And loved every second of it.

Some of the more memorable day trips we did were to Bath Christmas market and the S.S. Great Britain ship in Bristol, and scouted out a banksy round the corner from it too :). 

Don’t mention the C word

This year let’s be honest travel is not looking healthy. I have unfortunately already had to cancel a city break to Paris with my daughter and our friends due to Flybe going bust. We are currently right in the thick of things with the corona virus (at the time of writing March 2020) so booking any travel is off the table for the time being. That just means more time for day dreaming about new destinations. Especially if we’re all stuck in self quarantine.

Later in the year we have a family holiday booked to Rhodes so you can expect some lovely beachy pics, hopefully. Rich is going on a golf mini break to Spain (although it might be U.K. based with the way things are at the moment). I might ask him to do a dad guest post about that. Though I imagine it will be quite boring.

Never say never.

Your travel dreams don’t have to collapse along with your pelvic floor! Squeeze! There are ways of getting out there and exploring new and exciting places.  Let’s do this! And to those travel families out there staying in yurt villages; thank you. I devour your vlogs. Keep em coming. 😉 Never say never!

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