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When can we Travel from the U.K.?

Our Greece holiday was officially cancelled this week. We had only paid part of the deposit and thankfully it was fully refunded with a quick phone call to Tui. Even though it was inevitable, I still felt a little bit sad.

I couldn’t help but think back to when we were all sitting in the holiday shop together booking it. The kids chose the hotel because it had an awesome looking water park and we even upgraded the room and treated ourselves to a swim up one. My daughter who is 10 was especially really looking forward to jumping in the pool first thing in the morning right outside our room. I’ve never stayed in a swim up room before and I was looking forward to a bit of luxury for a week too. Even more than that, almost 3 months into lockdown and the thought of someone cooking tea for a full week seems like some kind of unobtainable fantasy! 

Lockdown Lifted?

As some of the restrictions that have been enforcing lockdown life in the U.K. are being relaxed a little, people are understandably looking to get their summer holiday plans back on track. While the rules slightly differ between England and Wales about what we are and are not allowed to do, international rules apply to all. Whereas some countries like Italy are open and welcoming U.K. tourists, others are being more cautious due to the high Covid-19 infection and mortality rates we have experienced here in the U.K. Some countries are not allowing travellers from the U.K. or the U.S. while travellers from other countries are welcome. Other places like Madeira for instance, are open to tourism again, however, travellers will be tested at the airport before they can gain entry. 

Socially Distanced Holidays

After you’ve thought about how to drill the kids about not playing too closely with their new friends in the pool and other guests pushing in the queue at the buffet table while you try to keep 2m between you and everyone else, you have to also consider the quarantine rules in place upon your return home. Currently the line is 2 weeks of self imposed isolation at home for anyone entering the U.K. from travel abroad. That may well be imaginable now while the majority of people have become used to working from home but we don’t know how things will look by mid-August, and whether or not people will be expected to go back to work. In which case, how will that play out? Would people have to cancel their holidays because they can’t just take 2 weeks of work to isolate, and then where would they stand with regard to a refund if all international travel is officially back on? As with everything so far it seems as though we’re all just feeling our way forward as best we can for the time being.  

Can I Travel from the U.K. Yet?

More information on the rules around self quarantine upon return to the U.K. on the ITV website here. We can expect these rules to be in place until at least the 29th of June 2020. 

A detailed synopsis of different countries current policies regarding tourism is on the CNN website here.

I hope you manage to sort out your travel plans. For us we have so far missed out on 4 trips/holidays this year (2 family breaks and 2 individual trips). Although I’m absolutely gagging for a trip away somewhere (anywhere!)  I’m grateful that things have worked out the way they have for us and that we have been able to be at home together and safe amongst the turmoil. 

Stay safe all. 


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